Certified Ozone Technician

Remediation TrainingThe Certified Ozone Technician was developed by the National Ozone Association.  This is the only national and international certification for professional remediation services.  Our goal is to develop a national network of remediation services that are well-trained and business savvy.

This professional course is comprehensive and 100% online takes about 20 hours, requires an online test, and issues a certificate from the National Ozone Association (NOAI).  Course fee: $149 USD

IAQ Specialist with OSHA Training

Remediation TrainingFor those who want to grow their service from odors and vent cleaning, the next step is to consider the Indoor Air Quality as a broad service area.  In fact, there is much more to a full remediation service than odors and mold.   In 2021, this course was completely rewroked with more than 20 hours of video and training materials, test, and certificate.

The air quality has a profound effect on people.  The weakest feel the threat first, but in time everyone suffers when the air quality is poor or toxic.  The IAQ Specialist not only offers more solutions but always earn a larger fee for the level of services they offer.  Course fee: $395

Basic Ozone Training Course

Ozone Treatment TrainingWe now offer the layman's training for ozone treatments.  Buying an ozone generator should come with a basic training course.  However, most ozone generator promotors are happy to sell their system and include a four-page manual. We offer a 21 page review of the basic protocols when using an ozone generator.  Course Fee: $25